VandV Podcast: Episode 50

I’m late and I’m sorry.  This whole bi-weekly thing is not going well for me.  Never fear, there is no pod fading or anything like that.  It’s just summer and this damnable social life of mine along with the Steam Summer Sale have eaten up a good portion of my free time.  Yikes!

This week’s show is like nothing else.  The plan was for the episode to be a “phone it in” kind of thing, but my guests really stepped it up.  My Amok. bros Jiang Chaobai and Ish Brosef join me for an hour of politics, shit talk, propaganda and good old fashioned internet spaceship talk proper.

The show is just one mass of conversation.  In the first half, we discuses Delve 2012.  We cover OTEC, SoCo’s down fall and general disappointments.  The second half is all about Alliance Tournament X and you just have to listen to that for yourself.  We gush over RvB and then Ish let’s us know how he really feels about Zastrow’s contributions.

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