VandV Podcast: Episode 43

A fantastic episode this week.  We get the opportunity to catch a couple of “scoops” just for listeners.  This week’s guests are Seleene, the newly CSM elected CSM7 Chairman, and his fellow CSM delegate Alekseyev Karrde.

In Section One we do our usual warm up, but this week Aleks gives us first dibs on a special announcement.  Section Two is packed full of news from the past week including the story of how No Holes Barred finally got their German National Anthem recording.  Section Three is this week’s latest controversy when it comes to the CSM.  We get the first hand story of how the new chairman was chosen and get to the bottom of all those fun tin foil hat theories.  We close as always with out fail mails and we hope you enjoy the show!

Music from this weeks episode include tracks from the Eve Online Juke Box and the tracks “love never lasts” by Nahileh.

Show Notes have been up for a while.  I’m just not updating the link.  Oops!

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