Jan 2016 Pattern of the Month – Bearded Hat

Fiber Arts and Crocheting have been passions of mine for decades.  While attending Girl’s Inc, we had a foster Grandmother who would come in and spend time with us.  Many times while she talked, her hands would be busy working on her latest crochet project.  We asked her so many questions she started giving us lessons.

Our first project was an oven mitt and I think I made a billion of them.  I remember having oven mitts stuffed in to my boxes of legs and hair accessories.  That was after I gave every adult a knew an oven mitt.  My love in crochet has not stopped.  I enjoy making fun little things for family and friends and I find the process very cathartic.  Yarn is horded in a way I’m mildly ashamed of.  There’s a WeLoveFine TF2 con bag in my closet filled with finished and half-finished projects.  I’ve even crossed over in to knitting and needlepoint.

Clearly crochet is something that I geek out about, so I’m going to share those geek outs with you.  At least once a month I’ll post patterns for some fun projects I’ve written up.  The patterns will be available for free as a PDF download.  You’ll also be able to find the patterns through my Ravelry page.

January 2016’s pattern is the Bearded Hat.  A co-worker link a child size pattern to my Facebook page and ask if I could make one for her husband.  I gave it a whirl and this is what I came up with.  I went with Berroco Vintage which is a machine washable yarn that’s geared towards everyday wear by adults and children.  The gauge was a little finer than I would have liked.  I could have doubled stranded the yarn and gone up to an I needle, but I only had one skein of each color so that would have been a bit of a pain.

The final product came out great.  I love it and I hope the recipient loves it, too.  If you decide to give the pattern a whirl, please post a pic in the comments or tag me on social media.  I’d love to see what someone else does with this pattern.

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