EVE Pod Pack

What is the EVE Pod Pack

The EVE Pod Pack is a collection of podcasts dedicated to the topic of EVE Online.  While their subject matter may range between piracy, new player education and even random conversation; they are all united in their passion for the ultimate sci-fi experience.  EVE Pod Pack is a personal listing of podcasts that I endorse, not a comprehensive listing. 

Part of the Pack

Members of the EVE Pod Pack are kept to certain expectations.  Our listeners want quality casts with current information on a regular basis.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask and it’s reasonable that the hold us to that expectation.  Because of this, there are criteria the podcasts of this pack meet:

  • Quality: Podcast sound and production should be of good quality.
  • Relevance: Podcasts are current and up to date “within their realm of subject matter.”
  • Consistency: Podcasts posts regularly posted at least once a month. (For now there’s a couple of 2 month gaps because I believe they should be posting soon.)

Who’s Running This

Arydanika is.  When Rixx Javix took the EVE Blog Pack on board, I was quick to ask him about the EVE Pod Pack.  After a few e-mails I asked if he minded if I spear headed the effort all-together and he quite frankly seemed relieved.  I know many people enjoyed the EVE Pod Pack and I will do best to do right by the listeners.  If you catch me slippin’ in my pimpin’; please send me a mail (info on the contact page) and let me know as much.IterationsThis pod pack will be kept up to date.  When new podcasts appear and appear stable, they will be added to the pack.  When podcasts fade out or end, they will be removed.  I think the site is close to being fully formed.  Just a few minor design things left.  If you think something would make a great addition, drop me a mail.

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