VandV Podcast: Episode 40 – My Sensor Boosted, Smartboming Erebus & I

This show right here?  This show right here?  It’s fantastic.  There’s news, there’s lol’s, there’s talk about internet spaceships.  What more could you people want?  Aside from continuous great audio entertainment from your favorite band of spaceship geeks.

This week’s Creamy Filling [starts at 45:15] features a “Titan Adjustment Talk” with guests Elise Randolph, #1 Titan pilot for 201, Pandemic Legion FC, CSM6 Alternate & CSM7 candidates, and Seleene, CEO of Pandemic Legion Corp Body Count Inc, CSM6 Delegate & CSM7 Candidate.  Many excellent words about titans are spoken in this segment, so listen hard and then tell your friends to listen too!

We wrap up to the podcast with the announcement of our two new monthly contests.  The first is Kill My Co-Hosts; an invitation by Dani to challenge her co-hosts Bowdy or Marc Scaurus to a 1v1.  The next is V-CAP; a fiction contest where the winner will have their writing turned in to an audio piece and featured on the show.  Winners of each contest will also receive sweet sweet swag from Dani’s own swag box!

Also, stay turned to the end-ish.  There’s a special treat in there just for our listeners.

Show notes available on the forums as well as information for our contests.

Music from this weeks episode include tracks from the Eve Online Juke Box and the tracks “les mysteres de ma nuit” and “love never lasts” by Nahileh.

Note: Some areas of the cast have sketchy audio.  I forgot to turn off one of my fans. My bad

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