VandV Podcast: Episode 37

Yo dawg.  We heard you liked EVE Online, so we put casual discussion about game mechanics and features all up in this episode.  I’m you’ll enjoy listening as much as we enjoying doing all the talking.  Alekseyev Karrde of Noir. Mercenaries and Mike Azariah of A Missioner in Eve join us this week as our CSM7 candidate guests.  This episode is so amazing that Alek & Mike end up answer all of Marc’s questions before we even get to the CSM7 1v1′s.  Yea.  Epic.  So enjoy that.

This weeks CSM7 1v1 begins at 1:12:00.

Also, it looks like we’re moving the show from 1 hour an episode to 2 hours.  I know, I’m sure you’re absolutely thrilled to have more of us all up in your ears.  Your welcome.

As always, please be sure to visit the forums when you finishing listen to the show and let us know what’s on your mind.  The show notes also contain links related to all of the shows discussions, so even if you don’t what to talk, there’s some good stuff there.

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