VandV Podcast: Episode 36

It’s another biggun’ folks!  This week’s episode features the very first of our CSM7 1v1′s.  The new segment will run through the CSM 7 elections and will give candidates an opportunity to present their platforms to the public and discuss the issues that you want to hear about.  Kelduum & Hans join Dani, Bowdy & Marc this week and join our normal weekly talks about game news & In-game activities.  Did you hear about Hans’ Macherial loss or curious to know just how E-Uni lost all those carriers to NC.?  Then be sure to tune in.  There’s a whole lot more than the usual political re-hash here.

For those only interested in the CSM 7 1v1 portion of the show, it starts at: 01:06:30 .  Your welcome.

Please be sure to leave comments in the Show Notes thread.  This is also where we put the links we discuss in the show.  The candidates’ EVE-O forums campaign links are also listed below for your convince:

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